Ava Crites

Ava is a fun young lady with lots of charm and charisma that lights up a room but even more when in front of the camera. Upon meeting Ava she will bring a smile to your face with her outgoing personality and zest for life. In her spare time Ava loves to sing and dance in which she has taken dance lessons since she was two years old. Ava  favorite dance is Hip Hop but she also excels tap, ballet, jazz, contemporary and trains with her company 3 days a week. When Ava has free time she enjoys spending it with her family whether its short day trips to exploring the world. Ava is a member of the High Honor roll at her school where she excels in math and language arts. They say big things come in little packages and in this case that is the truth, a young lady with a lot to offer.
Location Chicago
Union None
Height 4'4"
Hair Brown
Eyes Hazel