Avi Roque

Avi Roque grew up in San Francisco, CA, received their B.A. in Theatre from California State University, Fullerton, and moved to Chicago to nurture their artistic spirit. Today, Avi is proud to say that they are a multi-disciplinary artist and a Latinx Trans/Non-Binary individual, who is constantly exploring transformation and discovery of self through devising new works whilst also breathing life into the words of other's. Avi's background in theater has allowed them to work with Chicago theaters such as: Goodman, Steppenwolf & American Theater Company. Avi has also worked with a few storefront theaters, such as First Floor Theater, Pride Films and Plays & Collaboraction, where they also happen to be a company member. Since a lot in the industry is still very binary, Avi is interested in playing male roles, but is hoping that more stories are written to reflect those who are Trans, Non-Binary, Genderqueer and Gender Non-Conforming. They would also love to do more TV/Film and were really excited to get cast as George, a Trans person, in Matthew Aaron's Indie Comedy Landline. They were also featured in Ricardo Gamboa's queer-of-color web series, Brujos, which is available to view for free online. Lastly, Avi uses they/them/theirs pronouns, loves to dance, draw/sketch/paint & practice self-care! You can learn more about them & their whereabouts at aviroque.com.
Location Chicago
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