Carly Carano

Carly is an Ohio native who wandered into the big city, got hired as a Segway tour guide, and never rolled out. She’s been performing in theater since childhood and has an affinity for Brecht, Chekhov, and improv comedy. She graduated with a BFA in Acting and a BA in Writing from the University of Illinois at Chicago. While there, she played with the Red Light School District Improv team and discovered the elasticity of her facial expressions. She’s studied at Chicago Shakespeare Theater Company and has worked at Steppenwolf, Piccolo, and with Stoop Feast Theater Company. Her love of acting is eclipsed only by her love of sitcom bloopers and by her dog, Lola.  She is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with Gray Talent Group and hopes that Ryan Gosling reads this and hires her to play his daughter on a future Lifetime special.

Location Chicago
Union None
Union 2 None
Height 5'6"