Chinguun Sergelen

Chinguun Sergelen is a very creative 10-year-old, Mongolian-American boy who loves to entertain people. He feels a connection to the Mongolian Zodiac animal sign of the monkey, which is known for being entertaining, funny, and clever.
Chinguun first appeared onstage at age six as Squirrel in WILLY WONKA, Jafar in ALADDIN, and Chicken in JACK AND THE GIANT with the Round Lake Area Park District Theatre. These amazing experiences made him decide to follow his dream and he trained at John Casablancas and completed the preteen acting and modeling program. Currently, Chinguun studies acting with his private coach, Janet B. Milstein.
In June 2016, Chinguun competed in the Launch Showcase, a Midwest talent competition, and was awarded the coveted “Rising Star Full Scholarship.” Additionally, he received callbacks from 15 talent agents for representation. This wonderful experience helped him to realize that he should continue to pursue a career in the performing arts.
In addition to acting, Chinguun is very passionate about learning the Mongolian traditional bowed-string instrument “Horsehead Fiddle” and throat singing "Khoomei"  which he studies with a private coach. 
Chinguun recently signed with Gray Talent Group and he is honored to be represented by them. He booked his first professional project through Gray Talent and he is thrilled to be playing Eddie in Timeline Theatre Company’s upcoming production of “The Last Wife.”
Chinguun currently attends 5th grade at Big Hollow Middle school. His favorite subjects are Math and Science. Chinguun also loves to read, watch Japanese anime, create objects through Origami, do magic tricks, and play soccer and chess.
Location Chicago
Union None
Union 2 None
Height 4'7"
Hair Black
Eyes Brown