Chloe Skoczen

Chloe was born and raised in a suburb outside of Chicago and spent most of her time in the city growing up. She has always had a passion for art and began to explore acting in middle school. After working in print for two years, she is now pursuing acting full time. She is attending Columbia College Chicago to major in acting and continues to take classes outside of school to further her experience in the field and do what she loves as often as possible.

Chloe graduated high school early to spend her time working on lead roles in short films, and a co-starring role in an independent film shot in Rhode Island earlier this year. She jumps at any opportunity and commits to each project with professionalism and excitement.

Outside of acting Chloe enjoys being physically active, playing guitar and piano, and hanging out with her dogs.

Location Chicago
Union None
Union 2 None
Height 5' 8"
Hair Blonde
Eyes Green