Connor McKinley Griffin

Connor McKinley Griffin is a Chicago based actor stemming from Tucson, Arizona where he attended the University of Arizona graduating with a degree in Musical Theatre. Somewhere between the singing and dancing a professor plopped him into a Shakespeare and it became (and remains) one of his deepest passions. While his main focus shifted from the rails of singing and dancing to that of straight plays, Shakespeare, and student films-- he adores music and musical theatre just the same. Jazz, big band, and the Great American Songbook hold very tender spots in his heart and voice thanks to Bobby Darin and his singing mother. He has an insufferable need to learn a little about almost anything under (and out of) the sun-- and when time has lent itself to him he's found himself wanting to explore every nook and suburb of this beautiful labyrinth of a city. Chinatown has been his favorite so far. He's finding himself at the start of his life in Chicago feeling extremely grateful, very hungry, and never satisfied. Onward.

Location Chicago
Union None
Union 2 None
Height 5'10''
Hair Black
Eyes Brown