Devin Smego

Devin’s love for performing started at the age of 4 when he was pulled from the crowd to perform with a dance troupe on Santa Monica’s promenade. Since that moment, Devin has always loved being center stage. He’s appeared in 12 Elmhurst Stage Play productions, most recently playing the role of the Lion in “Dorthy and Wonderland” and the lead role of King Barnabus in “Hap Hazardly Ever After,” each earning him an invitation to the district All-Star cast production. Devin continues to be passionate about his training having worked with The Green Room Studio, Second City Chicago and the Elmhurst Music Academy. Devin is excited about the opportunity to move from the stage to on camera work and has been busy preparing for the transition. When Devin is not performing he’s busy being a fun-loving kid, spending time with friends playing soccer and video games. He’s excited and eager to pursue his acting dreams and to see what unfolds next!

Location Chicago
Union None