Diavante Tolbert

Diavante is a very Charismatic young man and he exudes confidence. Making friends everywhere he goes, young and old. You will know when Diavante is on your set because there will be happiness and laughter from the production team all the way down to the cast. He doesn't have a long history in the film industry having done some short films and pilots throughout the years. But Diavante takes every role serious. Big or small his talents shines through. Diavante is leader at home, in sports, and on set. Diavante has 7 years of football 10 years of basketball, 3yrs of gymnastics,1yr of wrestling and tennis and starting in the fall he will begin his soccer journey. Diavante loves the game of chess plays the trumpet in his spare time and has a led Para cord bracelet business that is becoming very lucrative for him. on top of being a leader in everything he does and the life of the party Diavante also loves babies and toddlers. He is his most happiest when he is in the presence of little munchkins. Diavante takes direction very well, learns his lines quickly and lives every character he portrays. Most importantly Diavante loves what he does.

Location Chicago