Eileen Boylan

Eileen's wandering into the world of acting has been unconventional. She began capturing the world around her by illustrating what she saw and acting out children's stories with childhood friends.

While bouncing around sets as a young adult, she honed her craft by studying acting. She took intensive scene study classes which ultimately lead to an audition at Juilliard. The demand for LA's acting work kept her from an NYC move. She studied in LA for eight years, training with graduates of the Yale School of Drama, specifically Meg Brogan. Additionally, she also found a second passion for educating children through and about art. Her love for drawing continued into college, where she also picked up a degree in child development. She graduated with honors, all while being eight months pregnant.

The actress practiced her love for storytelling with roles in LifeBernie MacHow I Met Your MotherGeneral HospitalGreek and South of Nowhere. She was awarded the title role in the cult indie film, Dakota Skye and has appeared in countless national and regional commercials.

Eileen's pursuits outside of acting have been vital to feeding her passion for each role, giving her a groundedness and specificity to each project. She loves exploring characters that are vulnerable, quirky, nurturing and a little bit strange! Her experiences have helped her understand acting as a means to connect people to themselves. One of her aims as an actor is to empower women by representing their unique stories through the power of vulnerability. She emulates this in her life and work, courageously accepting new challenges like a migrating ladybug!

She currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband and little girl, Poppy.

Location Los Angeles