Esmeralda Ayvar-Perez

Esme Ayvar-Perez is a fluent Spanish speaking 17 year old ambitious young lady. Her love for the arts has always shined through since the tender age of 7, when she realized that the stage is what felt like home to her.
It all started with music when she picked up a guitar and realized she loved to play. Since then she has been constantly working to cultivate her love for music by learning how to sing, play the guitar, bass, piano, and saxophone spending 4 out of her 7 days of the week at The School of Rock Chicago to sharpen her musical skills.
Esme soon transferred some of her love for the arts to the beautiful world of theatre where her mother first enrolled her in The Acting Studio Chicago. Ever since then she never looked back. Constantly looking to cultivate her craft Esme loves to take acting classes, workshops, camps and anything that involves anything with her love to tell a story.
Her dedicated hard work is very evident as seen in her past few works, including "Footloose- The Musical" where she played Ariel Shaw (LEAD), "When the Bachelors Come Out of the Brush" in Collaboraction Theatre's FINAL Sketchbook (ENSEMBLE) and also an "Onion Labs Progressive" commercial (PRINCIPAL). Esme's favorite part about acting is finding a script that tells a true gritting story. She is proud to say that she has been apart of productions that have done just that- including "Crime Scene: The Next Chapter" seen portraying Latin Teen (ENSEMBLE), "Forgotten Future and Forgotten Future: Remount" portraying Carolina Rodriguez (ENSEMBLE) and her most recent work in "La Ruta" portraying Brenda (PRESENTED BY THE GOODMANTHEATRE). She is extremely excited to start her next project in The Other Theatre Company's production of "The Realm" playing Kansas.

Location Chicago
Union None
Union 2 None
Height 5'5"
Hair Black
Eyes Brown