Everleigh Murphy

Everleigh is a fun-loving six-year-old with a vivid imagination who loves to entertain. She has an established sense of self, a wildly creative nature, and confidence beyond her years. A natural performer, she brings careful consideration and thoughtful action to her craft as an actor. Everleigh takes direction well and has quick memorization skills. She sees the world through the lens of curiosity, creativity and compassion. She began dancing at age 2 and playing the violin at age 4. She loves to sing and is a visual artist. Her artistic mindset is essential to the very nature of her being. In her spare time, she enjoys choreographing dances, writing songs on guitar and piano, playing with her sister, exploring nature, building Legos, and visiting museums with her family. Everleigh recently made her professional stage debut as Ivonka in the musical Once at the Paramount Theatre in Aurora, IL. Her dream theatrical role is to play Annie or Matilda someday. Everleigh is also a professional model and looks forward to working more in film and television.  

“...there are several stand-outs in the supporting ensemble…Everleigh Murphy as Ivonka, Girl’s adorable daughter…” - Regina Belt-Daniels, Northwest Herald 

"And little Everleigh Murphy absolutely steals every scene she is in as Ivonka. (Watch her when her “mother” is playing the piano; she’s wonderful.)” - Karen Topham, Chicago Onstage

"The starlet of the show is red-headed lassie, 6-year-old Everleigh Murphy as Girl’s daughter Ivonka. Not only is she adorable, but she’s a fine Irish step-dancer and violinist as well.” - Pamela Dittmer McKuen, Chicago Theater and Arts

“Even 6-year-old Everleigh Murphy plays a mean violin!” - Spotlight on the Lake 

“…Ivanka, her…daughter (sweetly created by lovely Everleigh Murphy)…” - Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review

"The cast is as good as it gets!…the adorable Everleigh Murphy…” - Alan Bresloff, Around the Town Chicago

Location Chicago
Height 3'10"
Hair Red
Eyes Blue