James Munson

James took his first acting class ten years ago and was very fortunate to sign with Gray Talent two years later.  Since then he has been in: shows at Theater Wit, TimeLine, Steep, Victory Gardens, Agency Theater Collective, Something Marvelous, and Director's Haven; tv,  internet, and film appearances including CNBC, Discovery Channel, Onion videos, FLOST in the Chicago International Film Festival, a music video, and the Arab cable series Wamahyaya.  James has also been in: tv commerials for health care, casino, retail, investment funds, law firms, genealogy services, and memorials;  voice overs for manufacturing, agribusiness, health care, and retail; and print ads in banking, agibusiness, pharmacy, energy, and travel
James has trained at Victory Gardens, Acting Studio Chicago, iO Theater Chicago, Cerney American, and Green Shirt Studio.  His long career as a trial lawyer gives him a breadth of life experience that brings gravitas to the characters he plays.
Location Chicago
Union None
Union 2 None
Height 6'2"
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown