Jeffrey Blockson

Jeffrey A. Blockson is not only an Actor, but an all around Entertainer, from the suburbs of Chicago. His love for performance started at birth, and was stated when he expressed the eager need to play saxophone at age 5. He went on to become the standout musician/performer through high school, in which he won a numerous amount of awards, all of which were 1st Superior! He noticed the similarites connecting musiciannship to acting early on as well. Developing a song became that of character development, in plays, skits, etc. Graduating from Columbia College, he learned to further shape his production, writing, business, and performing abilities in both worlds. The desire to act was always there, but his true "itch" came after being selected as one of few for a small featured spot on Michael Bay's, Transformers 4. This was something he had no choice but to scratch, and continued to. He became absolutely obsessed with the art of film, tv, commercials, etc., and was finding any way to step foot on a set, and learn as much as possible. Whether he was a lead in a short film, or a smaller role on a major film, he was an elated and grateful sponge. His most notable experience, behind the scenes, came from the hit tv show Empire, in which he was Terrence Howard's stand-in for the entire first season. He was even a part of pre-production scouts with Director, Lee Daniels. The cast and crew became mentors for him, and he's added everything to his repertoire. He's extremely excited to showcase his talents as part of the Gray Talent Family, while always remaining a student!

Location Chicago
Union None
Union 2 None
Height 6'