Jordan Arredondo

Jordan Arredondo is an actor and singer, who was raised in the west suburbs near Melrose Park. Growing up, Jordan always had a strong interest in absurd characters, Tim Burton films, and for putting on shows for an audience made up of different action figures. His first taste of theatre was a production of The Diary of Anne Frank. It blew his childhood mind that performances, like what he had seen on screen, could be done in this live setting. He actively sought out theatre in grade school, which sparked the flame that kept him running with this new passion all the way into high school. After realizing that he wanted this to evolve from just a hobby to a career, Jordan focused on theatre as his major for college. He auditioned at the Illinois High School Theater Festival, and that is where he met the University of Illinois at Chicago, his future alma mater. There he worked on bettering his craft, creating absurd, experimental theatre, and seeing the larger effect theatre can have on those who come to watch, and the duty actors have to their audience. While there, he also was one of the first chosen to participate in a new study abroad program with Eòlia,​ ​Escola​ ​Superior​ ​d’Art​ ​Dramàtic in Barcelona, Spain. Prior to graduating, Jordan auditioned for a few different agencies, and luckily got to become a part of Gray Talent Group, his dream agency.
Jordan's Chicago credits include the upcoming Montauciel Takes Flight at Lifeline Theatre, Waiting for Godot at Tympanic Theatre, The Party House at The Runaways Lab Theater. Academic credits include Life's a Dream, The Secret in the Wings, The Piano Lesson, A Matter of Life and Death. 
When he's not performing, Jordan enjoys working on and making music with those of The Town Squares and Fiction, staying fit by working out, making weird movement based theatre pieces, eating every item of junk food you can think of, and singing show tunes loudly in the privacy of his car. Jordan is forever grateful to his family, Sabrina, friends, and UIC for giving him all the endless amounts of love, support, and swift kicks in the butt to keep pushing forward. Jordan is thrilled about what the future holds for him with Gray at his side, and is ready to continue making art that is weird, wacky, and meaningful
Location Chicago
Union None
Union 2 None
Height 5' 7"
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown