Josh Czuba

Josh Czuba is a teen actor located in Chicago, Illinois. Joining Gray Talent Group in 2017, Josh has gained invaluable experience from spending half of his lifetime on stage, and performing in any and all possible mediums, whether hosting a talent show, or even standup comedy. Over 12 theatre productions, various live events, an industrial commercial with Redbox, and a student film form the foundation for Josh's craft. This has lead to both a healthy knowledge of the entertainment world, as well as the discovery of a true lifelong passion for acting.
Known for his maturity and distinct personality, Josh brings a great level of insight and wit to his work. Starring in a number of theatrical productions in Oak Park IL, the prestigious BRAVO! program is where Josh considers to be the roots of his acting career.
Josh deeply enjoys film, and even more so, public speaking as talking is one of the things he does best. Above all, Josh values integrity as an actor and respects the process of working tirelessly to become great at his art.
Location Chicago
Union None
Height 5'7"
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue