Landon Simecek

“I want to be up there.”
It was the end of the competitive dance season and Landon watched his sister accept an award
for her performance. His parents told him that he couldn’t just go on stage. Instead, he would
have to take lessons for at least a year, tryout for the team, and then practice for an additional
season before he could be, “up there.”
He did exactly that, and by the end of his second year, his natural desire to be on stage
showcased at the Rainbow National Dance competition when he and a group of four girls
walked away with the 2013 Grand National Championship title from the event. The hook was
set, and Landon would go on to perform in both acting and dance whenever the opportunity
presented itself.
Taking year-round dance lessons and participating in acting and dance camps during the
summer became the norm for the next several years. In tap, Landon was fortunate to train
with such Chicago talent as Nico Rubio and Mark Yonnelly as well as being selected by Anthony
Morigerato, from So You Think You Can Dance, as a Die-Hard Dancer in 2016. In both 2016 and
2017, he was nominated to the U.S. Dance Team for tap. At the Applause National Dance
Competition of 2017, Landon took first place with his tap solo against all genres in his division.
Industry critics throughout the year encouraged him to branch out beyond dance. As a result,
he most recently completed improv training through the Second City Training Center in
Chicago, Illinois.
Landon loves to work on set with other talented actors, who share the passion of the craft. He
looks forward to more opportunities in both television and film, so that he can continue to
grow as a professional actor.
A guitar soloist and drummer in his school jazz band, Landon keeps a diverse interest outside of
acting while maintaining a 4.0 GPA and High Honors at school. He is also engaged in sports and
currently acts a defenseman for a travel soccer team and a sprinter during track season. When
he has free time, he enthusiastically volunteers in the local community and is a participating
member with the local Boy Scout Troop.

Location Chicago
Union None
Union 2 None
Height 4'9"
Hair Dark Blonde
Eyes Grey