Lars Ebsworth

Lars (ze/zir or he/him pronouns) is a trans performer, producer, and activist. Ze is best known on stage for zir work with the Chicago trial of ALBERT CASHIER the Musical (Nurse Smith (replacement), Jane, Young Al u/s, Old Al u/s) and the world premiere of I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change Goes LGBTQ with Chicago Theatre Workshop.

A Baltimore native, Lars grew up sinking zir teeth into every performance opportunity ze could.  Ze started dance at 4, which grew a steady streak in dance theatre from ages 8 and beyond. In addition to many a musical ze performed in, Lars also dedicated years to the competitive choir circuit and studying opera in voice lessons.  Being in Chicago has not only helped Lars further zir passion for performing, but has also given zir the ability to stretch zir producer muscles, when Lars brought the Trans Voices Cabaret franchise to Chicago in 2018 to help establish the first home in musical theatre for local trans and gender non-conforming artists.  This work helped zir be named one of 2019’s 30 under thirty by the Windy City Times.

Since Lars is a tenor, ze prefers male or trans/non-binary roles, but will accept inquiries for female roles.

When not performing, Lars enjoys spending time with zir rescue lhasa apso-mix, Sir Aaron Carter.  At this time, he only accepts borkings, not bookings.

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Location Chicago
Union None
Union 2 None
Height 5' 8"
Hair Blonde/Brown
Eyes Brown