Lars Ebsworth

Lars Ebsworth (ze/zir pronouns) is a trans/genderqueer actor, singer, dancer, and published solo performance writer.  Originally from Baltimore, Lars studied in ballet, tap, jazz, modern, choral singing, children’s theatre, and competed on a few dance teams, all of which eventually lead to zir transition into the musical theatre world.  Ze graduated cum laude with BA’s in both Musical Theatre and Theatre (double minor in Music and Dance) from North Central College, and post-graduation has studied improvisation, tenor singing, writing/performing solo shows, and on camera acting styles.  Lars is open to playing roles of all genders, but prefers to play male or nonbinary roles, especially in Musical Theatre.

Chicago theatre credits include Nurse Smith (replacement), Jane, Young Albert u/s, Old Al u/s, in the Jeff award-winning new musical The CiviliTy of Albert Cashier (Permoveo Productions i/a/w Pride Films and Plays, producer Robert J Ulrich); Butch in A Chorus Line at Metropolis Performing Arts Centre; Sammy (the playwright) in Fucking Men and Orlando in History Lezons at Pride Films and Plays; and a solo performer/writer in the 3rd Annual Pride Spectacular and You Only Live Once More v.12 at Solo Crowd Chicago.

Since moving to Chicago in June 2017, Lars has been very vocal about trans rights and inclusion, and serves as the founder, Artistic Director, and Lead Producer for Trans Voices Cabaret CHI, the Chicago branch of the hit NYC show, Trans Voices Cabaret. Ze brought TVC CHI to Chicago to foster change in how the Chicago Musical Theatre Community sees gender stereotypes when casting, in hopes to then increasing the hiring rate for those trans actors in the city wishing to pursue musical theatre and play roles of their true gender.  Additionally, Lars is a founding board member of Chicago Theatre Access Auditions (CTAA), a free general audition for Chicago-based non-equity actors to audition for Chicago’s top equity and non-equity houses.

Outside of theatre, Lars spends time playing with zir rescue Lhasa Apso/mix named Carter, watching murder trial documentaries, and inventing new recipes (good and bad).

To keep up with Lars, go to, or Twitter/Instagram: @thereallarsbars