Lillian Grace Charles

Lillian (Lily) Grace Charles is a director’s dream being able to take direction and quickly adapt  to ever changing landscapes. She is brilliant, engaging, and determined to achieve her goals.  

Lily has always had a love of performing. Since the age of 3 you could catch her on stage from  dance recitals to leading her class programs. Lily began training with the South Carolina  Children’s Theatre in 2020 and currently trains with KIDS Way Acting Academy for private and  group lessons.  

In addition to her acting training Lily also has experience with the violin and has been enrolled  in a Mandarin Chinese immersion program for the last 3 years where she is taught both the  spoken and written language. Her hobbies include gymnastics, soccer, reading, and exploring  our big beautiful world.

Location Chicago
Union None
Height 4'10"
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Dark Brown