Lorena Diaz

Character actor and Chicago improviser, Lorena Diaz has played many a role you may not realize you’ve seen her in as she takes great pleasure in the art of masking oneself in character. From 16th Street Theatre’s “ENFRASCADA” (3 characters) to Dominizuelan’s “PEOPLE IN THE CITY” (10 characters, iO Chicago). Lorena is a commercial, film and television actress who has also performed at iO Chicago, Second City and The Playground Theatre .


Lorena trained at New World School of the Arts, a Theatre Conservatory in Miami and with Michael Gioia in South Florida. In Chicago she’s studied under Michael McCarthy (SNL), Patrick Michael O’Brien (SNL) and been directed by Charna Halpern (Founder of iO Chicago), Katie Rich (SNL) and Laurie Woolery (NYC).


You may have seen Lorena in GIGANTOMACHIA as “Rozo” a beautiful Indie film about an immigrant story or on CHICAGO PD as the nurse with an attitude, Nancy Ramirez (“They’ll have to go through me”). You will soon see her in WHO GETS THE DOG as Alicia Silverstone’s cut throat attorney, COWL GIRL as “Gloria” a demanding wife, and ONE NIGHT STAND as Jacky, a hysterical yet loveless Latina with a bone to grind regarding men. Lorena has had the pleasure of working with “New Stages” at THE GOODMAN and the ANNOYANCE as Sweetie Maude, the Demon Stylist of State Street, the title character in the Sweeney Todd parody by Sabrina Harper (Second City). She is ecstatic to be revisiting a multiple character play with DON CHIPOTLE as a member of the Chorus.


In the future, Lorena hopes to fulfill her life long want of playing a Detective on a series crime drama or would be perfectly content to continue masking herself in character, hopefully in a Tim Burton film, and longs to be Tim’s first recurring Latina muse. Playing other people is the only place Lorena feels most truly herself.

Location Chicago
Union 2 None
Height 5'10"
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown