Maggie McNabb

Maggie McNabb raises the bar – For professionalism. For authenticity. For wit. For dedication to her craft. 

 Since winning the Commercial category for her age division (9-12 year olds) at iPOP! in 2013, she has performed in a television drama, a feature film, a national TV commercial and a number of American Girl instructional videos. In addition, she has modeled for several major brand-name print promotions and advertisements. The diversity of her experience is a testament to her versatility. She is known for being easy to direct and an asset to her projects.

Maggie thoroughly enjoys her varied professional training sessions. Her natural quick wit sets her apart.

Maggie makes her home on a hobby farm. Her chores include caring for a variety of farm animals as well as several exotic house pets. This aspect of her life has taught her to be independent, self-disciplined and responsible. Her rural upbringing has fostered in her a deep love for nature and a passion for outdoor activities. In addition to horseback riding and downhill skiing, she enjoys tennis, golf, scuba diving and target shooting.

Maggie holds herself to a high standard academically and has proven herself to be a top earner in school. Though she has many good friends, her very best friend has always been, and continues to be, her brother Dawson.

 Maggie’s broad range of talents and strong personal attributes make her a unique and very special find within the acting profession.