Makhyli Simpson

When Makhyli was seven years old she decided she wanted to be a performer, but she knew she had to get over her extreme shyness first. After asking her mom to help her with this, she began a tough journey of overcoming her fears. By the time she was eight, Makhyli was on a competitive dance team and signed to a modeling agency where she did print and commercial work for several years. When she was 11 she got her first taste of mainstage musical theatre, where she performed in front of thousands at a nationally recognized community theatre. Her love for theatre, took her back to that stage for four additional shows. Makhyli has trained vocally for four years and when she was 12, she became the lead singer in a band and performed at award banquets, festivals and other events. Throughout her journey, Makhyli has had opportunities to work on films, write for and star in music videos, perform as a solo artist at several venues and is regularly invited as a guest dancer for different events.

Location Chicago
Union None
Union 2 None
Height 5'5"
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown