Mariah Gordon

Meet Mariah, she is an energetic, fun loving ten year old who is very conscientious and caring.  Mariah has been working on her art since she was four years old. Appearing in print, television commercials and internet videos.   When Mariah isn’t busy working on her art she is looking to make a difference in her community.  Mariah hails from Evanston, Illinois where she is one of the youngest missionaries in the Evanston Chapter of Help the Hungry (HTH).  Mariah has a vivid imagination which comes to life especially when she is in front of the camera.

Mariah is very active and loves sports. She is involved in local basketball and soccer leagues.  Her teammates will describe her as very competitive and an inspiration. She also is involved in her school’s drama program as well as choir and band, she is learning to play the Saxophone.   Because Mariah is an aspiring singer, she frequently gets request to sing at social events.

Mariah is from a large family and often time she can be found acting, writing and performing with her cousins. Mariah also loves to write fiction stories. From an early age, Mariah has been entertaining her friends and family with her fictional short stories.

Like any young talented actor, Mariah would like to perfect her art by aspiring to attend Juilliard.

Location Chicago
Union None
Union 2 None
Height 4'8"