Maya Moravec

Maya is a very driven, kind, intelligent and witty young woman. Since she first brought down the house at age 6 as “Maya the Joke Teller” in her school’s talent show she has known that acting is what she wants to do with her life. She’s fearless and focused and works extremely hard to be the best she can be no matter the size of the role. Very intelligent and observant, with a near-photographic memory, she can memorize lines with ease and mentally inhabit a character to deliver a performance that best expresses the role. Well-traveled and a great listener, she also picks up accents very quickly. While Maya is very studious, she’s also fun-loving, athletic and creative; she’s a fitness buff and trained Pilates teacher as well as an accomplished artist and writer.

Having visited over 60 countries with her family, Maya is accustomed to stepping outside her comfort zone and enthusiastically adapting to new situations but also has the ability to be extremely diligent, organized and directed.

Maya has studied acting since she was 7 years old and is currently a 2022 BFA Candidate at NYU Tisch Drama in New York.

Maya is excited and honored to be represented by Gray Talent Group and looks forward to the next phase of her career. Expect maximum effort, flexibility and intelligent nuance from this well-rounded, gifted young performer.

Location Chicago
Location New York