Mona Azar

Mona Azar made the Windy City her home in 2015 after graduating with her BA in Political Science/Business and minor in Psychology. Mona was raised in Detroit, MI and is of Lebanese, Syrian and Turkish decent. Her ethnically ambiguous look and love of culture has allowed her to blend in, but also stand out. Arabic is Mona's second language and she has perfected it by having one too many conversations with her Lebanese grandparents.

After her time as a Software Consultant in Chicago, she realized it was time to take her charm and talents to the stage to give herself the creative outlet she's always desired. She has been featured in music videos across Chicago and has acted in numerous local Chicago projects.
If she's not boxing, cycling or jumping out of planes for fun, you can find Mona improving her skills onstage and offstage with friends and family.