Nelson Simmons

How wonderful it is to recognize one's passion at such a young age!
Nelson's naturally quirky personality and love for studying people enables him to
bring light to any stage and authenticity to any role he plays. From the school or
community theater production, to the Disney sit-com or Broadway show (his
greatest aspirations), Nelson makes it his business to study the action, analyze
the characters, and bring out the most depth that the character can embody.
Nelson's multiple oratorical competition wins are not only due to his ability
to learn copy quickly, but also to his mastery of immediately drawing in his
audience. Appellate court judges and educators have said that they wait for his
performance every competition.
Looking for a nutty guy to make your audience laugh? Got a script that
calls for a boy with an attitude you'll love to be annoyed by? In need of a sad,
crying kid or a serious nerd? Nelson will bring it! He consumes books, dances,
reads music, and isn't half-bad on the guitar. Nelson Simmons is ready to make
your production delightfully memorable!

Location Chicago