Olivia James

Olivia James is a native of Chicagoland who enjoys all things involved in creating & performing art. Whether it is painting in her home to relax, practicing yoga, acting & singing on stage or in film, writing scripts for the neighborhood kids or drawing during her free time, it is the process of creating in which Olivia enjoys most while a solid end result is equally as satisfying. As a home schooled student, Olivia is able to explore many different aspects of the learning process which makes it “a lot of fun”! She is an inquisitive thinker who likes to explore beyond the assignment/project presented to her.

Olivia has a natural ability on stage, an instinct for connecting to a wide range of roles, takes direction well, a fast learner and quick study. She enjoys consistent training through workshops and classes as well. She is known by her colleagues and friends as an “old soul” who is wise beyond her years, incredibly professional and uplifting to others while on set.

Location Chicago
Union None
Union 2 None
Height 5'1"
Hair Brown
Eyes Hazel