Pria Stacker

Energetic, Spirited, Confident, Determined: All words that describe Pria Stacker.  Although she is young, Pria's love of the stage and camera are well evident.  Pria has been wowing audiences since the age of three in school performances, loving to dance in front of large crowds in competitions and recitals since two, and singing in solo voice recitals since four.  Pria also has print experience such as for the Department of Tourism as a cover model, and for web advertisements.  Pria's love of acting landed her a chance to appear on Chicago Fire at five years old.
Pria memorizes lines quickly, articulates well, adapts easily to given situations, and performs on demand. She is an excellent student with reading and math skills two years beyond grade level.  When not acting, Pria enjoys coloring and playing dolls with her sister.  Pria is excited and looking forward to all new opportunities!


Location Chicago
Union None
Union 2 None
Height 4' 4"
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown