Sami Zabadneh

My name is Sami Zabadneh and I am a Chicago native. Born and raised in the Logan Square neighborhood. All through grade school and high school, sports were what my life was filled with. Especially American football. At the time, being a football player was my highest aspiration. But it wasn’t until I attended my city college were I found my craft with acting. I enjoyed taking classes at the school, and even got an opportunity to under study a play called Savage In Limbo by John Patrick Shanley as the character Tony Aronica. I am soon to be attending DePaul University to get my BFA in Acting.  Now, my life is all about my craft. I find inspiration from more than just my favorite actors (Al Pacino). Another source of my inspiration is the sky. I am a big fan of the universe. I like reading about many different great thinkers and scientists, like Carl Sagan. Reading is one of my most favorite hobbies. I enjoy reading my vintage horror collection all by Stephen King along with a ton of other books. I also find inspiration and love playing with my instrument. I am a self-taught guitarist. Classes were too expensive for me and I was never the type to abide by a curriculum of learning. I wanted to learn fast and had the determination to do it.  I apply this determination and imagination to my acting as well. It is fair to say that music something I am also passionate about because its therapeutic to everyone. Another thing I enjoy doing on my free time is creating amazing scripts with my best friend who is also an artist. One of my highest goals in life is to be influential to people who don’t believe in their selves enough. I want the world to never be limited by their prejudices. Although this short bio doesn’t scratch the surface of who I am, I will say that I have found myself through acting because I am a people person and am willing to understand every individual in the world.

Location Chicago