Wilbur Pauley

Originally from Beaver, PA, Wilbur Pauley spent his college years and the early part of his career in New Jersey and New York City. Wilbur was still an undergraduate in college when he made his Carnegie Hall debut as a soloist, and he danced with Twyla Tharp at the Spoleto Festival. He got his Equity card on Broadway as a member of The Peter Hall Company's production of The Merchant of Venice with Dustin Hoffman. While in NYC, Wilbur worked with directors Tom O'Horgan, Richard Foreman, Harold Prince, Anne Bogart, Robert Altman; recorded with Debbie Harry, Pete Seeger, Placido Domingo, They Might Be Giants; sang with Jeff Buckley, Marianne Faithfull, Marni Nixon, Werner Klemperer; appeared in commercials for MTV, Amtrak, NYLottery and VISA. He returned to Broadway as music director (and performer) in Band In Berlin, directed by Patricia Birch. Wilbur joined SAG in 1989 for the sessions of the original Disney Beauty and the Beast; he's been on the soundtrack of another ten Disney features, including Enchanted, Tangled and the new Beauty and the Beast 2017. Wilbur also sang for The Prince of Egypt and Dead Man Walking.
After moving to Chicago in 1995, Wilbur's career centered around opera and classical music. He spent 19 seasons at Lyric Opera of Chicago and worked with local directors Bob Falls, Mary Zimmerman and Frank Galati; when not in town, he played the role of globetrotting opera soloist, appearing in Salzburg, Lisbon, Buenos Aires, Tel Aviv, Edinburgh, as well as companies across North America, including the Met.
Within the last few seasons, though, Wilbur has cut back on travel to stay in Chicago and watch his kids grow up. However, an old Disney connection led recently to a Netflix/ABC booking, which reignited his interest in other aspects of the entertainment biz, which led to Gray Talent! And, since his youngest child won't be graduating high school until 2028, Wilbur won't be slowing down anytime soon!

Location Chicago
Union 2 Equity