Aiszah Maria Rangel

Aiszah Maria Rangel is an actor, singer, dancer, and model native to Chicago. Her recent work includes Requiem for a Brother (Nazneen) at the Coalscence Theatre and Corazones (Gloria) at the Definition Theatre. Aiszah is also known for starring as Maria in West Side Story at Muncie Civic Theatre and Laura in the film “CarmillaVive!”.

Aiszah is also a proud member of the Vision Latino Theatre Company. Her mission as an artist is to illuminate the authenticity and strength among first generational Americans. A Mexican, Arab first generational American herself, Aiszah’s favorite projects lift up those communities and spread empathy among the masses. She is also a narrator of “The Ice Colony” podcast, which tells the true stories of immigrants here in the United States through an anonymous lens. And if you were wondering, yes, she can also speak Spanish and Arabic!

When she’s not acting, you can find Aiszah traveling the country performing with her Polynesian dance group or belly dancing in the Middle Eastern communities in the Chicagoland area. She also enjoys playing the piano, yoga, and creating content on TikTok (@la_latina_arabi).

Location Chicago
Union None
Union 2 None
Height 5'5''
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Brown