Amir Henderson

Amir, in a nutshell, is very determined. Everything that has happened thus far in his short career has
been through dreaming and unrelenting pursuit. At an early age Amir has had a love affair with
audiences. Acting out entire plays at the age of 3. Recording himself talking to people (yep, even people
he didn’t know) at the age of 5. To casually giving the answer “I’m an Actor and a Star” to anyone
inquisitive enough to ask him who or what did he want to be. Training with The Green Room and Second
City has only bolstered these attributes. This young man’s passion for Lights, Camera and Action is
second to none. Not many get to live their dream. For Amir, there is no other way to live.
Though new to the industry, Amir has left an indelible mark on all those who has come across his
amazing talent. Witty. Attentive. Elephants memory. And most of all, efficient. There won’t be many, if
any, second takes with this kid. Learning new languages such as Hebrew, German and Spanish has
exposed Amir to cultures unlike his own which are invaluable in relationships. Training in crafts such as
knitting, and crocheting has taught him valuable lessons in using less to achieve more.
Some of his favorite pastimes are writing and drawing. Amir has a small collection of comic books which
he has written, illustrated and edited himself. Amir is the kid who runs into Lego Land and chooses the
most intricate Star Wars set to challenge himself. There are no boundaries for this kid.
While filming the commercial for St. Louis Zoo titled “Little Louis Clark” director Jason Stamp bestowed
the most glowing of compliments to Amir for his professionalism and captivating personality. A kid that
listens, learns and applies. Welcome to Amir Land!

Location Chicago
Union 2 None
Height 4' 8"
Hair Black
Eyes Brown