Anzu Lawson

Anzu Lawson has been seen playing many ethnically ambiguous roles on TV and films. She enjoys being a chameleon and loves embodying every different character.

Anzu is also a Stand-Up Comedienne who can be seen doing sets at The Comedy Store and The Ha Ha Café in Los Angeles.

She starred in the leading role of “Yoko Ono” in the musical “Dear John, Why Yoko?, at The 2018 John Lions New Playwright Festival sponsored by Cal State University, Los Angeles. A musical she originally wrote as a screenplay, which garnered her a nomination for BEST ACTRESS in the 2014 Hollywood Fringe Festival.

You can hear her music on iTunes under ANZU and ANZU LAWSON.

If you’d like an invitation to the musical you can go to

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Location Los Angeles
Height 5' 6"