Aubrey Adams

Aubrey is a native of Oklahoma, and moved to Chicago 7 years ago. She got started in the theater at a young age, and it’s been her passion ever since.  But, she also has a love for athletics! She played NCAA Volleyball and got her BS degree in Athletic Training from Oklahoma State University. After graduating, Aubrey began teaching dance, choreographing and performing again in the Oklahoma City and Fort Worth, TX area. Since moving to Chicago, she has felt so welcomed by the incredible family, that is the Chicago Theater community. When Aubrey is not performing or choreographing, she is busy being a full-time mommy, and also is a Fitness Coach/Personal Trainer. She loves staying active, watching movies, eating yummy food, reading, snuggling her pups, and loving on her little one.
Location Chicago
Union None
Union 2 Equity
Height 5'5"