Braedon Tolbert

Anytime anyone talks to Braedon they always say that they can talk with him all day. This 8yr old is very mature, very articulate, and oozes intelligence. When doing a short film he memorized all his sides in a days time. he has no formal coaching experience but you cannot tell when on camera because he is the true definition of natural born talent. he works well under pressure and knows how to go with the flow. When in public people gawk at his beauty, which made his print ad for Tomys toys go very smoothly. Braedon is a very smart boy he has skipped two grades already and is excelling. He also is a model athlete with 5yrs of wrestling under his belt making MVP last year for his division. He is also very flexible because of the 3yrs of gymnastics.In the fall he will finally have enough training to join the swim team. In his spare time he enjoys fishing and playing chess with his brother. He bargained with the neighbor to teach him to play the cello until she said yes. He loves science and animals. His dream is to become an scientist. when on set he is the kid that goes around and make sure everyone is eating and staying hydrated. He is also the kid that will walk up to a grown up cast member and ask them do they need help or would they like to use him to practice their sides.

Location Chicago