Brian Barber

Highly trained as an actor, martial artist, dancer, swordsman, and fight choreographer, Brian's skill set serves to enhance his physical based acting style.  Driven, optimistic and open-minded, Brian is always looking for new projects to work on that will lead him to learn, create and perform.  Never having lived anywhere longer than 4 years in his life, Brian came to Chicago with the idea that it will be a much longer-lived home.  So far Chicago has welcomed him with open arms with work on numerous films and web-series as well as wonderful theatre companies such as The Lyric Opera, Stage Left, The Right Brain Project and City Lit.  He even recently had a film of his premiere at the Cannes Film Festival!  Brian is very happy to have another home with Gray Talent Group and is excited to see what opportunities will come his way!

Location Chicago
Union None
Union 2 None
Height 6'1"