Calvin Thomas

Calvin grew up in Westchester, IL with his mother Bernadine, sister Nikkita,  and father Calvin Thomas Sr., former Superbowl-winning Chicago Bear.

Growing up, Calvin was somewhat shy and soft spoken, but once he was able to warm up around people, he was known for making voices, sound effects, impressions, and overall making people laugh. Being surrounded and naturally excelling in sports his entire life, he got introduced to the acting world by landing his first role in Paramount Pictures film “Hardball” in 2001 starring Keanu Reeves.

Not quite ready to take his skills to the next level as an actor, Calvin went back to his comfort zone and first love, which was sports. Continuing to grow as an athlete in both size and talent, he excelled in high school and in college. Everyone thought he would follow in the footsteps of his NFL father.

After realizing sports wasn’t his passion, Calvin still had the itch to entertain and went back to acting. It was from that point on Calvin became committed to his craft and started to engulf himself in the entertainment world, taking numerous classes and workshops throughout Chicago, and eventually making appearances on TV shows like Chicago PD, and landing Toyota and Sears commercials, along with a list of featured movies.

Location Chicago
Union 2 None
Height 5' 10"
Hair Black
Eyes Brown