Connor McKinley Griffin

Connor McKinley Griffin is a Chicago based actor from Tucson, Arizona where he attended the University of Arizona graduating with a degree in Musical Theatre. There, he met a giant named Monte who spoke exclusively in 8-bar german arias and communicated only to people's hearts. Monte, combined with Connor's singing mother-- gave him music. A copy of Shakespeare's works from his librarian grandmother, forgiving actor mates, and stoic mentors-- an amalgamation that gave him play. Skiing downhill with his family, playing video games until sunrise with internet friends, people that laughed with him or at him-- gave him drive. And life. Many things were given to him through the help of others, the kindness of giants, or sheer luck- and that is not lost to him. He can only try to use those gifts for something beautiful, and is trying his best to do just that. He's finding himself at the start of his life feeling extremely grateful, very hungry, and never satisfied. Onward.

Location Chicago
Union None
Union 2 None
Height 5'10''
Hair Black
Eyes Brown