Gary Pascal

Gary Pascal is an actor, comedian, and writer from Calgary, Alberta. He’s a frequent contributor to WBEZ's "The Paper Machete", and is the producer of the podcasts "The Koch Brothers Mystery Show" and "Murdertown" for Cards Against Humanity's Chicago Podcast Cooperative.
He recently wrapped his one-man sketch show "Aliens Exist: An Exploration of Blink-182's Enema of the State, the Most Influential Album of Our Time" at iO Theatre, where he also performs improv with his Harold team Gideon.
He produces the weekly sketch video showcase Backyard Smackdown with The Shithole, recently named "The New School of Chicago Comedy" by the Chicago Reader, and has performed at Annoyance (Cash and Carry), Comedy Central Stage LA (The Goodtimes Mausoleum), Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, NYC Comedy Festival, and LA Scripted Comedy Festival.
He is a graduate of The Second City's HouseCo program, contributed voiceover work for The Onion, and has appeared in campaigns for McDonald's, Groupon Eye Care, and Slim Jim.
Location New York
Union None
Union 2 None
Height 6'