Hannaha Hall

Hannaha was born and raised in Chicago. She discovered her passion for performing amidst school performances she did growing up. After high school she went to college to attain a degree in Business. Though it was her desire to act, education was the priority at the time. Succeeding college, she moved to New York to pursue acting and take up conservatory courses at Lee Strasberg. After living in New York for a year, she headed back to Chicago to carry on her career. Since then, she has worked on a couple of the Chicago TV shows, acted in short films and continues to grow, build and learn.

Hannaha loves the outdoors and is very sports oriented. She’s a tomboy at heart but still embraces every aspect of being feminine. In her spare time, she writes, works with kids and is a huge article junkie.
Location Chicago
Height 5'2"
Hair Black
Eyes Brown