Harry Belden

Harry Belden is a Chicago native, born and raised on the north side of the city. Harry fell in love with acting and entertaining from a young age, performing with various acting summer camps and after school productions for as long as he can remember. Harry loves improvisation and comedic acting, following in his parents’ footsteps, who met while working together in the ETC Cast at The Second City. Like most children of performers, Harry was desperate to study engineering, or any other type of difficult science really, but was forced to get a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre by his parents (Just kidding they are incredibly supportive and I wanted to be an actor).

When not performing, Harry can usually be found reading or watching anything to do with Batman, his personal hero and inspiration. After sadly discovering that he did not come from a long line of Billionaires, Harry decided the closest he would get to dressing up and pretending to be a different person was through acting. This has led him down a path of performance that he wouldn’t trade for anything. Harry is thrilled to continue down that road in the city he grew up in, with his friends, family, and amazing agents at Gray Talent Group.

Location Chicago
Union 2 None
Height 5' 11"
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown