JoBe Cerny

JoBe Cerny is a writer, actor, producer and director. His dream was to find a job that allowed him to go to work every day and have fun with friends. 9,400 productions later he is still having fun. He defines creativity as doing things no one else has ever done. He prefers new works to the classics because he knows how all the classics end. He writes books, plays, speeches, films, videos, poems and a weekly column in Screen Magazine called ADventures in ADvertising. He is the voice of the Pillsbury Doughboy, Google Santa, the original Scrubbing Bubble, the Oscar Meyer singing hot dog, and the RAID Bugs. His work for Cheer Detergent won over 300 awards around the world including a Golden Lion at Cannes. As director of The Word of Promise Audio Bible he directed 600 actors from around the world and was nominated twice for Audio Book of the Year. He still goes to work every day to play with his friends and find new and fun things to do.

Location Chicago
Union 2 Equity
Height 5'7"
Hair Gray
Eyes Green