Joey Walsh

Joey Walsh is an actor, writer, and musician from humble Cary, Illinois, the geographical center of the known universe- don’t look that up, it’s true. Joey is thrilled to be living his wildest dreams here in Chicago. He has trained with some of the brilliant minds at The Second City, and is now a recent BFA graduate from The Theatre School at DePaul University.


Favorite theatre credits include The Scarecrow, or The Glass of Truth (The Scarecrow), The Rover (Ned Blunt), Doctor Faustus (Rowley/Robin), and a devised, experiential piece known as Small Rooms.


Whenever he’s not acting, Joey can be found playing electric guitar loudly in his room, practicing yoga, or trying to ollie on his skateboard. He hopes to make art that expands the way the audience sees the world, that teaches them more about themselves, or just makes them laugh. He has no doubt that together with Gray Talent, anything is possible.
Location Chicago
Union None
Union 2 None
Height 6'0''
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue