Julian Solis

Julian has been performing since the age of four. Piano and violin were his spring boards into the performing arts world, but once he was bitten by the acting bug, there was no turning back. He has enjoyed all the roles he has had, but his favorites are roles that stretch him as an actor and make him learn to relate to different people. Julian was honored to play Georgie Pazinski, a mentally challenged teen, in "Over the Tavern" this past summer at Theatre at the Center; it was a fantastic challenge that he embraced unabashedly.
Julian looks forward to gaining more knowledge and experience and is thrilled to be on this journey as a young performer. His formal music training has definitely prepared him well, and he has been described as having a photographic memory on several occasions.
When Julian isn't acting, he can be found practicing various instruments, jogging, riding his bike, gaming, and working on the YouTube channel he and his two younger brothers manage together where he serves as talent, producer, and editor. Julian's future is bright, and he is excited to see what's next!
Location Chicago
Union None
Union 2 None
Height 5'55
Hair Brown
Eyes Hazel