Molly Camp

Molly is an Ohio born gal who currently resides in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn…where there are trees!  She enjoys hiking, swimming in the ocean, cooking, baking, and taking all the cool group exercise classes at the YMCA. She also knows how to use a hack saw and install a toilet. While on the surface it looks like you could easily kidnap her, Molly has a fire and strength that would take even Chuck Norris by surprise.

As an actor, Molly has performed on Broadway, at the top Regional Theatres, on television, and in numerous commercials. She especially loves being a part of the development of new work, and has returned to The Sundance Theatre Lab on multiple occasions.  Molly’s favorite part about being an actor is getting to work with a team toward a common goal…and also craft services and equity nap rooms.

Location New York
Union 2 Equity
Height 5'6''
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue