Patrick Newson Jr.

Patrick Newson Jr. is a Chicago native with professional acting experience since his early teenage years. After appearing as a Guest-Star in FOX’s THE CHICAGO CODE alongside other prolific, more seasoned actors, Patrick immediately knew acting was not only a passion, but a calling & joined Gray Talent Group at the age of 13, where through us he began to progress his career & talents through television, commercial, print and theater.

After a slight hiatus from the industry to focus on his education (B.S. in Marketing at Illinois State University, C/O 2020) and personal growth as a young adult, Patrick is beyond excited to be back on the team and has proven that the work put in during his time away was, undoubtedly, for the better!

Outside of performing, Patrick enjoys generously giving back in any way possible, as well as curating content and other forms of art ranging from podcasting to designing merchandise & business strategy.

Location Chicago
Height 5'7''
Hair Black
Eyes Brown