Tiffany Renee Johnson

Tiffany Renee Johnson is a Howard University graduate with a BFA in theatre from Chicago, IL. Her love for the arts started early and grew from consistent exposure. Tiffany has been a performer since her mother enrolled her in dance classes at the age of 4, and took her to nearly every artistic event Chicago had to offer. It wasn't until Tiffany moved to Miami at the age of 14, however, that she began to discover her love for acting. It’s been an incredible journey.

Tiffany has had the opportunity to perform on stages at Writer’s Theatre, Chicago Shakespeare Theater, American Blues Theatre, Drury Lane Oakbrook, Nect Act Theatre, Congo Square, Sideshow Theatre and several others. Her television credits include ShamelessSoundtrack, Chicago MedChicago PDAPBEmbeds, and Chicago Fire. She’s also done commercials for several companies over the years. Tiffany values each of these opportunities and is grateful for the beautiful journey she’s taken so far.

Tiffany always says, “The sun is my limit, and I won’t stop teaching until I hold it in my hands.” She lives by these words.

Location Chicago
Union 2 Equity
Height 5'4"
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Dark Brown