Vikram Konkimalla

Vikram is a 10 year old young performing actor who made his debut with the Christmas Carol show in 2019 at the Goodman Theatre in downtown Chicago. Vikram has participated and enjoyed acting in his school plays and musicals and loves watching musicals and dance shows with a keen interest in fine arts. He has given over 15 public Piano recitals and enjoys performing on stage. Vikram loves to sing, act, and dance, and has been trained in voice, acting, tap, hip hop, tumbling and gymnastics at various schools and workshops. Vikram also has strong passion and exceptionally skilled hands for arts, crafts and building projects and his art pieces have been selected for prizes, exhibitions and private gallery showing.

Vikram is very passionate about speed-stacking and has competed in speed-stacking tournaments including the AAU Junior Olympics 2019 where he was in the top ten merit list earning his first Junior Olympic medal in the 8 and under age category. Vikram is also in a synchronized swim team and has performed in the IL Swim Meet Tournament. He is in fourth grade and loves school and his favorite subjects include Math, Geography, Science and Drama. Vikram enjoys both the western and eastern cultures and fully understands his native language and can speak simple Hindi. He loves travelling with his parents and learning about new cultures and flags of the world. Vikram is keen to pursue a career in film, acting and modelling and work hard to perfect it.

Vikram has also been featured in a children's book “ “Lets Meet Chicago Real Kids in the Windy City ” - a unique book that highlights different neighborhoods, languages, customs, hobbies, religions, living arrangements and much more through the words of a diverse group of children. Vikram was chosen as one of the real kids living in Chicago representing this diverse culture of the city.

Location Chicago
Union None
Union 2 None
Height 54''
Hair Black
Eyes Dark Brown