Cate Rio

Everyone loves Cate. People are somehow drawn to her engaging personality, both peers and adults alike. Every summer she charms the ice cream man and persuades him to drive past her house regularly. In her spare time she entertains people by impersonating her teachers (little do they know) and is actively working on developing this emerging skill. Cate is funny, chatty, a natural at storytelling, super expressive and follows multi-step directions well.
All of her directors have been extremely complimentary about her abilities as an actress. Although it feels natural for Cate to take on roles that match her cheerful disposition, she also really enjoys the deep dive into a more complex and dramatic role.

Cate is an active kid with a large variety of interests. She loves animals, nature, climbing trees, catching frogs, making slime, dancing, playing with make-up and coming up with creative ways to make money in order to support her ice cream habit.

Location Chicago
Union None
Union 2 None
Height 4'10"
Hair Sandy Blonde
Eyes Brown