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Representing the career actor.


There are two ways to submit to Gray Talent Group: Through the mail and electronically. Please read directions closely and follow instructions. While electronic submissions are preferred, all material will be reviewed equally. Electronic submissions will only be reviewed if there is an audition video included. All video submission should be sent as a link (i.e.. Google, Vimeo, or YouTube). Please do not send any videos that require a download.

Gray Talent Group offers exclusive representation for all US markets. We do not offer regional representation for clients in only one or two cities. Our ideal candidate is an actor interested in working in all areas of the business including theatre, film/television, commercial and voiceover/animation.

Submit via Mail

A list of previous acting work experience and/or training.  You can find an example of a professional resume here

An introduction about who you are and what you are looking for in agency representation.

A photo of yourself close up with a blank background.

A speech where only one actor speaks.

Singing with no backing track or music in the background. Only the singing.

TV/Film clips of you edited together to showcase previous work you have done.

Please send us the following:

  • Head Shot and Resume (Attached)
  • Cover Letter
  • Demo Reel (If Available)

Gray Talent Group, Inc.
727 S. Dearborn St.
Suite 312
Chicago, IL 60605

You should never submit any materials if they are your last copy.

Submit Online

Only PDF documents are accepted.
Only PDF documents are accepted.
Submissions through the website MUST include a link to an audition video. Submissions via the website WILL NOT be viewed if you do not submit an audition video.

Audition Videos:

  • Should be no more than 2 minutes in length
  • Be uploaded to Vimeo or YouTube as a private/unlisted video (please make sure you send us a password and link)
  • Should include: A brief introduction, 1 minute contemporary monologue, 16 bars of a song a capella and list your dance experience (singing and dance skills are only required if you are interested in pursuing musical theater)
  • Demo reels will not replace an audition video
Only if your video requires a password.