Amanda Winston

Amanda Winston is a Chicago-based actor and voiceover artist performing in a variety of media over the last decade. Raised in central Indiana, she graduated from Butler University with a BA in Theatre Performance and has been working as a performer in Chicago since 2011.
She'll never turn down an old fashioned proscenium or a little Neil Simon, but as an artist she gets incredibly excited working on edgy new works, fresh interpretations of old standards, and getting her hands dirty devising and workshopping something totally unique in non-traditional theatres or found spaces. As an artist, pushing the envelope and challenging norms and conventions through transformational storytelling is her bread and butter. On camera, she holds a special place in her heart for the horror genre and character-based original storytelling. With VO, just about anything goes. Her theatre experience has led her to really enjoy the uptick in radio dramas popping up all over the podcast world and she loves any chance to create a totally new wacky voice or learn a new accent.
In her spare time, Amanda loves hanging out with her husband Jonah and rescue dog Dr. Watson, as well as their wacky circle of friends they've gathered in Chicago. She's an advocate for sustainable fashion and thrifting, and greater female-identified, non-binary, queer, and BIPOC representation in front and behind the camera and the curtain. To keep up with the latest on Amanda's acting endeavors, check out
Location Chicago
Union None
Union 2 None
Height 5'5''
Hair Auburn
Eyes Blue